October 1, 2008

Mr Complex

Readers of this blog are
probably familiar with Mr Complex, who got his start with Organized Konfusion as part of the Organismz. He was also a part of the Polyrhythm Addicts, and he went on to do plenty of solo material. He's one of many artists who got a lot of exposure working the radio circuit, and here I have a few WKCR/WNYU freestyles from the late 90's, and some of his early 12"s. He definitely has a distinctive style, you have to pay attention to what he says, you may even have to play his shit a few times before you catch everything. You can get everything below in the zip or or peep them individually...


Live WNYU April 1997
Live WNYU April 1998 (with Apani B Fly)
Live WKCR CM Fam show (with J-Live)


A lot of people probably first heard about Complex on 'Visualize' produced by Spinna, but this is Mr Complex's first solo release in 1995 on Core records. My favorite track on here of the three is 'Feel me'

I caught these next two 12"s recently in the dollar bins, don't sleep on Complex . This joint is called 'Imakillit', from 1999.

This one is from 2000 called
'Do it Up' on Blindside records


  1. Yoooooo thanks for upping these.

    This dude was always dynamite off the head. Some great stuff here.

    There's one freestyle I wish I still had.

    I don't know if anybody remembers back in '98-'99 that Eddie Ill & DL had weekly shows/mixes up on and Complex came through one week and just tore that shit down.

    I remember one line, something like "the plex hex got you caught in the dimensions of a hexagon".

    One of the illest freestyles I've ever heard.

    I would LOVE to hear that shit again if anybody has it.

    Again, good lookin' on these.

  2. Dope Freestyles! I'm Rhymin is my favorite Complex joint!

    Nes you able to link up at Mr Walt Mix?


  3. Mr. Complex - I’m Rhymin’
    I got so many rhymes
    if I try to kick them all the the mic will go heavy
    To the point where I can’t lift it

    See I don’t get lifted
    I’m a gifted
    I got raps for your whole fam
    Like snacks
    And they’re wrapped

    Look at me
    I’m all that in audio and visual
    Clean your ears
    beside your head
    Then you can visual

    Why do you keep telling me those lies?
    [ ] your disguise
    Cause I’m on the mic and realize

    A black cat
    so don’t you cross the path
    You should cross your eyes
    Cause once I cross my T’s
    and then I dot my I’s
    You know

    It gets written
    In battles and ballots
    I’m always getting written-in
    To be a number one candidate
    The beat’s got a
    Big bottom
    I wonder can I date?

    Cause it would be a night to remember
    Like rimmin and kissin
    Remmin and niscin’
    And dissin; yeah I remember
    But how soon you forget

    I;m a faze ya
    A few seconds to get from in front of
    One, two, three, four, now git.

    I rhyme with the same word
    Say word
    And if you haven’t heard
    well then you’ll have to ask your herb
    I’m rhymin the same word
    The same verb
    And if you haven’t heard
    well then you’ll have to ask your herb

    I get funky fresh
    She kneed me, in the nuts
    Now for once in my life I have someone that needs me
    No longer the problem
    I rise
    yo dig it jive turkey
    I am a fiend of the hip hop
    Before the wack I go cold turkey

    You heat me up like that sandwich
    You put me to sleep like the sandman that’s been cursed
    by the sand witch
    From the sands of Sahara
    I’m [part rock?] and I’m captain crunchin’ crews phones
    And I’m beamin up Sahara

    So warp speed, Sulu
    Don’t you know that I’m a solo…
    You might miss
    Because I’m so low
    I’m so deep

    Even if you bring on a fleet of klingons
    You’re not so deep
    To realize
    I can’t swim
    I’m on the mic
    I’m out for the win

    I rhyme with the same word
    Say word
    And if you haven’t heard
    We’ll then you’ll have to ask your herb
    I’m rhymin the same word
    Say word
    And if you haven’t heard
    We’ll then you’ll have to ask your herb

    My name is complex
    I’m very complex
    I have a complex
    Plus I’m comp: don’t flex
    See I want to take this hip hop like way out
    Way out
    I got the wack looking for the way out
    Put you out of sight
    Out of mind
    The out-of-line
    Be comin’ up blind

    The time is mine
    Now to [ ] your mind
    Don’t start jerk
    Because the artwork is fine
    How you doing? Fine!
    Listen, this is fine
    You bite the line you pay the fine

    You basic black
    I reside
    in Southside, Jamaica, Queens
    Which means I’m a fat jam-maker

    So don’t mistake and take the Mr.
    for granted
    Because I write the rhymes right
    Because rights I was granted
    like wishes

    But her number one fantasy
    Is to see me become a star
    So she can become my number one

    I don’t get grands to see
    On the boob tube
    But I recall flippin’ the bottles through the [?]