December 5, 2008


Here is some groovy 1970's rock on the Mercury label from a group called Giant.

This record has one of the sickest drum breaks and some funny lyrics that follow. She starts talking about what color pills she should pop, 'should I take a blue one, or a green one..'

I got an e-mail asking for an ID on this track heard from Drum Crazy pt 2 so here it is. The full length LP is also pretty dope. This LP is pretty rare but might be reissued.

I heard a different version of this song with some applause before the drums come in, this one has no applause. Not sure where that other version is from.

No cut and paste google info for you this time. Click on the the back cover to see a short write up on them.

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  1. the other version is from a comedy lp titled 'the declassified jean shepherd' which uses the giant albums music underneath skits and etc. keep up the good work!