August 22, 2008


Wisdom is a group consisting of Adagio and the Juggaknots. Not sure if they were related somehow, but your man Big Cousin came through with some nice production, and they put out a track together in 1996 called 'all star jam'. The clip is the group freestyling and promoting this 12" on Mayhem's New York Live.

Wisdom freestyles WNYU Oct 1996


  1. Nice one. Adagio! and The Juggaknots... can't go wrong. I always liked Adagio!s style. ..Was lucky to finally pick a copy of the NY to Philly EP recently for pretty cheap.


  2. no doubt, good looking on the track ID from that Riz mix. i may very well be another dude looking for the wax haha. i guess since you don't have it already it must fetch some serious cheddar, a lot of those old indie joints do.