September 14, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito September 1995

This one features Stretch cutting it up and an appearance
from a group called 'True to This' that I'm not familiar with.
DJ Mighty Mi was also in the studio holding down the wheels
for the freestyle session. I'm forgetting who produced that
Genius 'Labels' remix on here, but it's pretty bangin'
Also you get a Rawcotiks demo on there..
This one's going 15 years back to the day! Enjoy

1) Talking
2) Genious - Labels (Groove Merchants Remix?)
3) Main One - Check Da Skillz
4) Heather B - No Doubt (Get Hardcore)
5) Redman - How u Get Down?
6) Omniscence - Amazin' (Remix)
7) Rakim - I Get Visual
8) Smooth the Hustla - Broken Language
9) Blahzey Blahzey - Danger
10) Fat Joe - Success (DJ Premier Remix)
11) Rawcotiks - New York Style (demo)
12) Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
13) True to This - interview/freestyle
14) True to This - Chickenheads
15) Powerrule - Rock Ya Knot
16) Junior Mafia - Get Money
17) Jay-Z - In My Lifetime

Peace to Stretch & Bobbito


  1. thanks Nes - is that the same Labels Remix from the tape I upped over at ours ?

    They are weeks apart...

    I remember writing 'rare' an' thinkin, well, Ive never heard it before, love to know who remixed it

    All the best

    Thanks again

  2. ^yeah, same one

    I think I read somewhere who made that remix a while back, I want to say Vinyl Reanimators but that's probably not right. Maybe someone will come through and let us know..

    thanks for that Raida show too..

  3. There's a two-year old thread somewhere in TROY, but I don't think anybody solved the mystery yet. It's way hotter than the OG imo. Thanks for the show. Never heard those True To This cats either.

  4. Thanks for the show!

    I'm sure I have track 3, but unfortunately can't think of it right now, track 11 sounds like Rawcotiks..

  5. that's a GROOVE MERCHANT'Srmx

  6. If anyone can ID track 3, that would be of great use. Its the standout track for me.

  7. Track 3 is this



  8. Track 3 is Main Once-Check Da Skillz

  9. Main ONE sorry