April 27, 2010

CM Famalam Show 2002 (Jaz-O)

Here is a
CM Famalam Show
towards near the end of the show's run in July of 2002. Special guest in the studio is Jaz-O. The show starts with Jaz-O's diss track directed at Jay-Z and the Rocafella camp. You'll hear words from Jaz about his motivation behind making the track and hear some
callers chime in with their opinions.

I'm curious to hear Jay Z's diss towards Jaz when this was going on,
I couldn't find it in a search. help fill in the other blank track
titles if you know them...Enjoy!!

CM Famalam Show 7-2002 (Jaz-O)

1) Jaz-O - Ova pt 2
2) Mic Break/Phone Calls (with Lord Sear and Jaz-O)
3) Common - Funk Shit
4) M.O.P. - Stress Ya'll
5) LL Cool J - Strictly For the Haters
6) Brand Nubian - Who Wanna Be a Star
7) Rza & Afu-Ra - Dangerous Language
8) Darkman
9) Nas - Pure Dialect
10) Large Professor - Large Proverbs
11) Apex 89.9 Promo
12) Scratch Beatbox
13) Juggaknots - She Loves Me Not
14) Ra The Rugged Man - On the Block
15) Heather B - Live MC

Peace to Stretch & Bobbito
Also peace to Aleph & Bomba


  1. I havent heard it yet to help with the Common track but JayZ had Memphis Bleek and Freeway diss Jaz-O on Marcy to Hollywood and a freestyle over Styles P "Good Times" beat. I get High, High, High everyday, I get.......

  2. Yeah the freestyle has like a 7 b-movie Roc artists on it. I have it as part of a KaySlay tape called Accused & twice in those Jay-Z "Library of a Legend" internets compilations from a few years ago.

  3. nice, if you guys have youtube or mp3 links send em this way.

  4. I remember this show, great stuff. Jaz proved he was still nice. The Common track- Funk Shit, unreleased (as of '02 anyway)and produced by Marley Marl. Keep on keepin on


  5. word^ good lookin Aleph, that Common track is sick

  6. Thanks for the show!

    Here are some of the missing tracks:

    M.O.P. - Stress Y'all (b-side only track)
    Nas - Pure Dialect (unreleased as far as i know)
    R.A. The Rugged Man - On The Block (Golden Era)

  7. ^ word good looking Krish, just added the titles