October 20, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito Reunion show

For those who tuned in to WKCR last night, the Stretch and Bobbito
reunion show was a real treat for fans of their show. It was cool to
hear them back on the airwaves once again and listen to them share
the inside stories behind some of the legendary guest appearances/
freestyle sessions and the show's history. I feel honored to get
mentions on such a monumental show, so definitely big shouts


  1. I dont recall ever going to bed early, in order to wake up early, to record a radio show, ever.

    I remember being in New York durin the 90s and my mans Andy I was rollin with buying a box in order to record the show, but that was a long time ago, and to think that im enjoying these shows as a grown man speaks volumes about the lasting effect these cats have had on our ears, and dare I say it, hearts...[aayo, I know]

    Last week was some next level isht. I had no qualms about doin it either, it was a major buzz to listen to the show live, to hear the Big L/ Jigga that had seemingly only appeared on 'Phillyflava' days previously, and to hear your personal shouts, and props for the people over at Phila was a buzz too

    I laughed so hard at the snaps and the old bug-outs, just as I have listenin back to all your recordings, props as ever


  2. wussup Nes,i remember seeing a djeclipse rip to show on site.A few peoples i turned on to site used his pt.1 and pt.2.Now i was gonna'give it a run and i put a few more heds onto that are gonna be on look-out for.Can you point us to it please,thank's.Keep up worthy work,and i encourage you to do another Goldmine,rock it with my son and i in the whip.Salute."BOE"

  3. Yeah there are a bunch of different sites with rips of the reunion show, personally I would go with Eclipse's link.

    Originally I posted the megaupload links Eclipse dropped in the forums but then I saw he posted them on the fatbeats blog, so I definitely wanted to show him support and send traffic his way. (Eclipse's link is the third one on my post, but if it's confusing to open - )