August 27, 2010

CM Famalam Show 2000 (DJ Honda)

Here's a CM Famalam Show
from 2000 featuring an interview
with DJ Honda.

Side A
Side B


  1. how about putting both sides in 1 rar file? kinda annoying having to wait 2 times just to get both sides..

  2. ....your lucky to even be able to get your hands on this material even tho its a famalam joint some good cuts on there from the roots blk thought

    good luckin once again nes

  3. How bout'if you ever notice,the ARTISTS,give people a choice,eg a rar,mp3,&artwork virus scan'd etc.Why do bloggers feel need to make harder to get,do you really want people's to have,or is it to say“i have&only computer people can get,the people like old school randy,&heds that were taping at col'crush jam's before any radio show's,until ZULU BEATS,W/afrika Islam,which later b-came,specialk&tha orig. ooh child,teddy ted's long-wnwk tenor.also,the first ever 5%nation reference famz,THE WORLD'S FAMOUS SUPREME TEAM SHOW.of course not you nes your a dj.