September 12, 2010

Radio Promos

Every good hip hop radio show has a promo. Some are made by
the show's hosts themselves while others are made by artsists
who appear on the show. Some promos are played only a handful
of times, and others are played at the beginning of each broadcast.
Regardless, these old radio drops usually had original production
and lyrics, and they can be considered unreleased gems from the
artists who make them. Here goes 7 random hip hop radio spots...

The Kool Keith promo was taken from Stretch's blog from awhile back
and the Beatnuts Red Alert promo is a joint off the One Leg Up LP.


  1. nes...thanks for posting these treats

    another taste of greatness keep em coming

  2. the best one hands down is the Mr. Voodoo & L joint. i can jam that joint 100x times and not get tired of it.

  3. Shout out to DJ Emskee who is the MC and DJ Monk One who is the producer of the Underground Railroad Promo.

  4. word, thanks for the info on that.
    I was thinking that was him rhyming
    but I wasn't sure.

  5. Ness, good looks on setting this up. This is Emskee by the way from the Underground Railroad promo. I have a full cd of promos that i did for everyone from the Awesome 2 to Wendy Williams to Kid Capri to Funk Master Flex from the early 90's that were all played on the air and run a number of times. Let me know if you're interested in posting them. Crazy hot production from New Jersey's own Nick Wiz (who went on to do crazy production for the Cella Dwellas, Shabaam Shadeeq, Rakim, and more.

  6. Peace Emskee. I'd definitely be interested in hearing/posting those promos. Is there an e-mail where I can reach you? My e-mail is

  7. Once i convert the cd i have to mp3, i'll send you the joints. Good looks.