April 27, 2010


Check these Tragedy freestyles on
WNYU's New York Live 1995 style
over a Mannish beat and a Jemini remix.
Scian Smooth on the wheels.


  1. nice thanks i have only just found out that 2nd beat is godfather don remix of geminis funk soul sensation thanks to you iv been wanting that beat for ages but never knew who it was thanks i dont suppose you have got that tune iv looked everywhere on the net and know one has it if you cant it doesnt matter i appreciate everything you do thanks again.

  2. That remix is one I'd love to have too, unfortunately I still haven't tracked one down. I think it's a promo only.

  3. yeah it is i found a link for the 12 but it was a dead zshare links really had my hopes up thanks anyway really like the gemz you have posted thanks.

  4. do you happen to have the trag freestyle from wnyu, early summer 96? he was going over de la's bizness beat I think

  5. I don't think so but I can check