October 16, 2010

Underground Railroad (DJ Spinna)

Here's DJ Spinna on the Underground Railroad from December, 1999. He uses only records with Spinna production. (Polyrhytmatics, Jigmastas, Big Kwam, Shabaam Sadiq, etc.) You'll hear at the end they're celebrating J-Smooth's birthday, and then DJ AV gets on for some hip hop classics.

The tape opens with a live performance from the Masterdon Committee,
circa early 80's. Not sure if I taped that from somewhere else but it's fresh.
Unfortunately, I only had a 60 minute tape for this one..

Underground Railroad 12-12-1999 (featuring DJ Spinna)

Here's another show featuring DJ Spinna on the wheels from October 1998. Special guests in the studio also include Talib Kweli and Medina Green. 30 minutes altogether.

This one goes out to HecticEclectic
peace to DJ MonkOne, Emskee, J-Smooth
and the rest of the Underground Railroad crew

Emskee will be doing a special 2 hour birthday broadcast
on the Underground Railroad on November 6 (3 weeks)
so be sure and tune in, as well as every week, to
99.5 WBAI Saturdays 10-12am .

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