March 8, 2010

Stretch & Bobbito 1-1996 (Bahamadia, DJ Homicide)

Here's a Stretch Armstrong Show from January, 1996 with DJ Homicide filling in for Stretch and guest MC Bahamadia in the studio. Bahamadia was promoting the 'Uknowhowwedo' 12" and I think she was premiering the 'Three the Hard Way' track on this night. This was a few months before her Kollage LP was released.

You'll also hear a mock DJ battle between DJ Homicide, Bobbito and Lord Sear. They take phone calls from people and ask them to vote for a winner. This one is trimmed down to about 78 minutes so you can burn it to a CD if that's your thing. Peace to my homeboy Greg T, Stretch & Bobbito. The more feedback I get in the comments section, the more inclined I am to post more of these shows, so keep the feedback running...

1) Bahamadia - Three the Hard Way
2) Bahamadia - Interview/Freestyle
3) Busta Rhymes - Woo-ha
4) Big Noyd - Recognize N Realize
5) Blahzay Blahzay - Danger Pt 2
6) Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child
7) C4 - Never Gonna End
8) Wu-Tang - Winter Warz
9) Jay-Z - Can't Knock the Hustle
10) Fab 5 - Leflah
11) Eric Sermon & Redman
12) ?
13) Pitch Black - Hold it Down
14) DJ Homicide Vs Bobbito Vs Lord Sear DJ Battle


  1. u already know ibeen a long supporter of ur blog for like almost 2-3 years now. so anything u up u know im checkin for. please put up more S&B!! i needs that, plus the world needs it too!

  2. Thanks Nes! Hope you continue to bless us with more radio rips.. Peace

  3. that c4 track is called - "neva gonna end" and its the radio edit on this ep

  4. ^word, I was thinking this was a demo because of the sound quality, never knew it came out on vinyl. Am I wrong about this guy being part of Total Pak?

  5. Mad props for all your uploads NES
    Never listend to this "C4 - Never Gonna End" but as far as i know Total Pack = Cestyle & Kamal B Wise
    C4 should be a canadian crew

  6. thanks, man. dope shit, business as usual.

    i guess sultanokimah is right. to my knowledge total pack consisted of two emcees, c-style & kamal b wise.

  7. yeah u guys are right I think, I was confusing C-style and C-4

  8. Digital StimulationThursday, March 11, 2010

    Total Pack was Cestyle and Kamal B. Wise. C4 was a crew from Long Island. Props for the upload, dope shit.

  9. Awesome upload. Bahamadia Kollage is one of my all time favourite albums and it great to hear her on stretch and bobbito. the erick sermon track is called "Freak Out ft. Redman"