March 20, 2008


I'm sure all of you are familiar with The Roots, here is a live version of 'Respond React' (from Iladelph Halflife) that was recorded for a WNYU studio session around 1996.
All the way live from 215. I like this version more than the album version.

I've been ripping a lot of old radio shows and mixtapes and have a bunch of stuff to sort through. More to come in the next few weeks..

The Roots w/ Common - Clones Live


  1. Yo that was great. Aw man I remember seeing them live in Central Park in 96 for free. Right before Illadelph dropped. It was Ill. Then I remember seeing them perform in the WIZ in the village at the time that same year. It was cool for a in store performance. But that CP concert was great. They have so much unreleased joints or throwaway joints that never made the albums. That Quicksand Millenium joint is crazy. I been searching for for another version of that which is rare with Aphillyation. Have you heard of that version?

  2. hell yeah the Roots are one of the nicest to see live. A really good show I saw them do was @ Tramps with Jeru opening up in 96. The hip hop 101 and Quest drum solos are the illest.

    Honestly I don't keep up on all that many new releases even from the groups I do like. I think that was a joint from Home Grown your talking about? Last album I have was Tipping Point.

  3. It was some unreleased joint. Hopefully I will find it. Yea what was even crazier about that show was that everyone did their solos. Amir, Hub, Razel. It was crazy. I know quicksand was cut from things fall apart.
    You ever heard the table of contents pt 3?