March 12, 2008

The Rhyme Inspector

I've had these photos lined up in a draft for a month or so trying to think of something to write about Percee P I'm glad to see he's released a full length on Stones Throw. The album has been out for awhile now, I just heard some remixes and different tracks and it's pretty good. I like most of the stuff I've heard from him, the promo 12" for the 'Lung Collapsing Lyrics/Now they wanna see me', the indie 12's on V-Max were dope (Don't Come strapped, Respect costs more than money), tracks he did with Lord Finesse, the Cenubites, etc., he always had some good lyrics.

I remember hearing his first appearance on a 12" and not knowing much about it. I didn't find out until later he's under the name Top Priority and it's on a record that just says BQE in Full Effect. If you haven't heard it peep it. This track is from 1988, dude was way ahead of his time IMO. I remember seeing him outside Fat Beats on 7th selling tapes, I know he's got a decent live old school tape collection. Someone should tell him to get to ripping, and blogging...for now...

...let the homicides...begin...


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