March 4, 2008

The real rap comes @ Halftime

After a hiatus from the New York Live Show, DJ Riz returned to WNYU radio along with DJ Eclipse and Lyn Gonzales to form the Halftime Show in 1998. This is a clip from the first ever Halftime Show on March 4, 1998, 10 Years ago today!

You'll hear tracks from the God Sunz (featuring OGC), The X-Ecutioners, Gangstarr, and a freestyle session from the Natural Elements (L-Swift and A Butta). What's funny is while they are rhyming the beat switches, they both stop, saying 'I don't like this joint', so they go into 'Triborough'.

The lineup on Halftime has changed since 1998, but the show is still running every week, check the myspace for more details. Congratulations to the crew for holding down a great show for 10 years. If all radio shows were as good as this one the world would be a better place...

You can catch the show this Wednesday (and every Wednesday) from 10:30pm - 1:00am on 89.1 fm (for those in the area), or listen online on the wnyu website. I read on Grandgood special guests are to include DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Alcemist on beats along with MC's: A.G., Boot Camp Clik, Big Noyd, Masta Ace, Reef The Lost Cauze plus 25 more. Should be a good show as most of the anniversary shows are...

Also big Shout to my homie S-one celebrating his 30th birthday today



  1. New York Live was the shit..peace to rotate

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  3. Where's the download link?

    Great site!

  4. just click on the picture of the radio