March 19, 2008


This is a clip from one of the first times I DJ'd live on radio along with DJ Force, and DJ Jet C in 1999 on Radio Ruckus, WRSU. This was shortly before Force took over the show the following year. On here you'll hear some funky fresh (dated) turntablism from the 3 of us.

Radio Ruckus - 12-26-1999

1) DJ Nes
2) DJ Force
3) DJ Jet C

Just heard from Force in the comments and thought I'd throw this one up
Shout to out Jet C who I haven't seen in a mad long time, Keef Kash and Cap A.

Here's another set I did from a different night on Radio Ruckus in 2000:

1)Ultramagnetic MC's - Make It happen
2)Large Professor - Hard
3)Jungle Brothers - JB's comin through
4)Craig G - Duck Alert
5)Lord Finesse featuring Percee P - Yes You May
6)Redman - Time For Sum Aksion
7)Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
8)Boogie Down Productions - Questions and Answers (remix)


  1. man, i was sloppy! i think we were all nervous, being that was the 1st time on radio. anyway, keep up the dope blog and thanks for the love... and for anyone out there looking for decent hip-hop on a sunday nite:

    radio ruckus
    sunday 10PM-4AM (eastern time) live stream
    with AB, DJ Force, & DJ Phillee Blunt

    p.s. when is dj nes gonna make another guest appearance????

  2. I thought you'd like this one Force, this is a classic show right here...I'll be back up soon you know I gotta come correct with my schit. I got more Radio Ruckus show rips I might be dropping here and there too...

  3. Can you post some Thick Dick sets, he was never nervous and always came correct.

  4. LOL T Diddy is so ahead of his time his parents haven't met yet. I'm trying to get him to collab with me on this blog...


    Maybe a little bit late but...i can't help it, I have to drop a comment on this one!

    I'm listening right now to the second set....straight bangin! I like it a lot!

    Excellent selection and mix-up...looove those 90's B-sides and rmxs, this definitely fits my taste in hip hop.

    big up DJ Nes!

  6. thanks jopparelli glad u liked never too late to comment :)

  7. Holy memories. I don't remember how I came up on this blog but I started reading and half way through I thought of emailing the blog author saying - hey I knew a DJ Nes back in the day...

    Then I find this post...

    NES where you at man I'm in dirty south Jerz by Philly making tshirts.

    I wanted to hear the radio show but zshare wouldn't let me.

    Love the blog, bro.

    -Jet C

  8. yo Carlo whats up homie!
    i just emailed u back my info we gonna chop it up with force for sure its been a minute.

    im gonna re-up that radio rip and maybe even add the video footage i got too