March 30, 2008

Juiced up

Here goes DJ Juice from Trenton NJ with
tape #29. He's won 7 mixtape awards and all the votes for next mixtape to post (3 votes to none vs.
Sir-Fa for those that paid attetion) even though
I'm going to post Silva Sir-Fa's mix too

DJ Juice has the best intros on his mixtapes, he claims to be one of the first to cut different records together to make different phrases for mixtape intros. On this tape he does his intro cuts over a Craig Mack instrumental, and he's got some pretty good remixes on there as well. For tape #27 and another write up, check out this site. Also peep this Youtube clip with some words from Juice on how and when he got started, what he's done, etc...


  1. Yo Nes,

    dope blog, somehow stumbled over it.
    Bookmarked, thanks.
    I dig your style, turntablism, mixtapes and breaks, I feel home

  2. Good lookin' on those, dope as always. You have Juice #28? The track list for that one has a Supernat/KRS joint called "You Ain't Fresh", never heard it or seen it anywhere but the listing for Juice #28, been curious about that one for about 12 years or so. I tried to comment on the Kleptomaniac post but it wouldn't go through, thanks for that too, never knew that track existed.

  3. no doubt plexxx thanks for your vote, and thanks for the comment Chris glad you like. I did have another Juice tape forget which number but its long gone now, this is the only one that made it through the years. Not sure I heard that other Supernat song but sounds interesting, could be the one posted..

  4. Yeah I got a few of these myself I have to check and see which ones but I always looked forward to Juice tapes because he made them exciting! While Tony Touch was my favorite for the underground hip hop, Juice provided the entertainment!!!Nice post

  5. Hi,

    very good mixtapes both, but I like more the Silva Sir-fa one, for example the Biggie and "Human Nature" instrumental is ill.

    I'm going to try upload some mixtapes in my blog, too (


  6. The Juice is Loose!

  7. glad to see some ppl out there remember how ill juice's mixtapes were....thank u so much for this!!!

    can't wait to hear any more if u have it....