March 2, 2008

The Awakening

This is a record I tend to throw on a lot when I'm in lounge mode. It's a laid back, cool out Jazz record from a group called The Awakening. The first cut on the b-side, Kera's Dance, is a 10 minute long mellow groove with some horns (flute, trumpet, trombone) playing in off each other, along with an electric piano, bass, and drums. (anyone recognize this song from a mixtape?)

The Awakening - Kera's Dance

The group produced only two albums, 'Hear, Sense, and Feel' (1972) and 'Mirage' (1973) both on Gene Russell's Black Jazz label. For those who don't know, the label had a limited number of releases (22) in the early/mid 70's with some really good music. The albums that I have/ have heard are pretty damn good.

*The Black Jazz roster consisted of ten superior instrumentalists and vocalists that included:

Gene Russell - Piano
Rudolph Johnson - Saxophone
Calvin Keys - Guitar
Walter Bishop, Jr. - Piano
Chester Thompson - Organ
Henry Franklin - Bass
Doug Carn - Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Jean Carn - Vocalist
Kellee Paterson - Vocalist
The Awakening - Instrumental Group

Check the record's back cover for more info on the band and the players.

Shout out to Len Williams who autographed this copy before he sold it to whoever sold it to me.


  1. Love this, great post, thanks.

  2. Hey Mister Autographed
    Dope Post As Usual

  3. lol - thanks guys, and I have no idea who Len Williams is either, just the previous owner of the record. whats even better is when people write out their full home address on their records.

    Yo Mass you need to post some more ish

    noone recognizes this song from the mixtape I'm talking about?

    *hint- it was just re-released on a 2cd set along with another mix

  4. ahhh, this track is butter. it was used on babu's comprehension, one of my favorite tapes of all time.

  5. i knew someone out there would know it, nice work blaz

  6. If it's a Black Jazz LP then it's fire... I've listened to this record for many years now and is always a great one for reflection and chilling...