March 26, 2008


This is an unreleased treat from Supernatural featuring KRS-One. They talk about holding up a music store for all types of equipment. KRS doesn't drop a verse, but adlibs; he assists in the robbery while Supernat rhymes about each item he wants specifically. I grabbed this track from a Stretch and Bobbito Show, and Bobbito definitely lets you know where you're getting it from. This isn't on his first unreleased album, or any of his released material to my knowledge, not sure where it's from. The beat knocks but the sound quality isn't that great.

'Bring me the 1200's! five boxes of those so I can freak flows, ---- cuttin scrtatches at shows'

Supernatural - Kleptomaniac


  1. I've been trying to find where this came from forever. I taped the same show (i think DJ Riz guested) and tried forever to find this track.

  2. you would think it would have been on his 1st LP, KRS was on the thing. No idea where it came from or went to either.

  3. What up Nes! Do you remember the date for this show? I remember a show where finesse krs and supernat were freestyling. i wonder if this was the
    same show.

  4. whats up Apani, the date for this show I don't have written on the tape, but the show with KRS, Finesse & Supernat i have and the date is July 96, might be putting that one up soon

  5. Man, this is fresh! Those old Stretch and Bobbito shows were my favorite shit from back in the day.
    You rock for posting this, I have never heard this before.

  6. for those interested in hearing more from this show...

    pt 1:
    pt 2:

    I don't have the whole show and I don't have the date, either.

  7. oh man thanks so much! this is great, This is one of those tapes that went down in the game for me (the part with Riz' set) I really cant thank you enough. Would it be cool to make a post with this and give u credit?

  8. of course! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

    Thanks for the memories and for putting me on to new shit constantly, as well.