March 16, 2008

Dee Dub

This is a tape made by SeanOne of the vinyl dogs. This wasn't released or sold, it's just a bunch of reggae tracks on a tape made in 1998. You may know the Vinyl Dogs from some of the compilations or instrumental records they put out in the 90's, or even buying records from them at the conventions back in the day. If you heard the Fatboy Slim song with the Lord Finesse vocals 'Check it out now, it's the funk soul brother', that was a line taken from a Vinyl Dogs record.

If anyone wants to help me identify some of the tracks on here it would be greatly appreciated, the only one I know is the John Holt song on side B. The song that comes in at the 8:30 mark on side A is bananas and I'm dying to know what it is, if anyone can help. Enjoy the tape, there's some good stuff on there. If you dig it leave some feedback.

peace to Vinyl Mike and Sean, K Lew, and Shank Williams

*Bonus - This record will definitely set people off. Kenny Dope's Super Dub Remix of Johnny Osbourne's 'Budy Bye'


  1. SIDE A

    Niney the Observer "Blood and Fire"
    Eric Donaldson "Cherry Oh Baby"
    King Tubby "King of the Arena Dub"
    Joe Gibbs "[probably from African Dub series]"
    Black Uhuru "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"
    Burning Spear "[???]"
    George Nooks "Stop Spread Propaganda"
    Nicodemus "Boneman Connection"

    SIDE B:

    Horace Andy "Don't Let Problems Get You Down"
    Dr. Alimantado "Best Dressed Chicken in Town"
    Dillinger "War is Over"
    Upsetters "Kung Fu Man"
    John Holt "Police In Helicopter"
    Jacob Miller "Tenement Yard"
    Bob and Wailers "Burning & Looting"
    Mighty Diamonds "Pass the Kutchie"
    Lone Ranger "M-16"
    Sugar Minott "Herbman Hustling"

  2. wow! that is mad impressive, good looking out ej. My knowledge of reggae is lacking unfortunately.

  3. Some were easy to ID... others definitely took some head scratching.
    Great mix. And thanks for the Johnny Osbourne remix!

    your dirty castling friend,