February 19, 2008

Waterpoof MC

I've been hitting you with nuff Jersey records
so here is some west coast hip hop to even things out
a few things from a semi slept on Rass Kass.

I've been digitizing a lot of stuff from my old tapes and posting as I go along. Hopefully the sound quality on everything is decent, I try to make it as good as I can. Since this is a blog dedictaed to old radio shows, unreleased tracks, hip hop mixes, etc., I put together a little bit of all of that in a compilation, a grip of stuff I had from Rass Kass.

'Soul on Ice' Diamond D remix
one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks.

Rass Kass live
on the Stretch & Bobbito show in 1996,
around the time the 12" came out...

'Walk the walk'
a demo that didn't make it to the Soul on ice LP.
The sound drops out for a second, and the quality isnt all that great
but it's still a nice unreleased treat from him

Another radio appearance,
live on the Halftime show in 1998,
right before his 'H20 Waterproof MC' 12" came out. He talks a little about the Golden State Warriors LP which was never released...

Freestyles from Hot 97 XL Show
over some Wild Style beats...

Then you got
another Ras Kass appearance on Halftime
this time with Kurupt and Jay-O-Felony
from around 2000

You can grab all these joints and freestyles
along with Soul on Ice LP and Instrumental versions in the zip above.
I was going to put a few more things on but I kept it short at 30 minutes.

For those interested
you can check an interview with Rass Kass from 1996 on Press Rewind,
along with a bunch of other old magazine interviews and articles they have on the page.


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