February 1, 2008

Strictly For The Ladies

Here is the mix I did for Valentine's day 'Strictly For The Ladies'. It's a mix of early/mid 90's hip hop tracks that deal with women, love, relationships, etc. There was a bunch of tracks I forgot to add to this mix, and there were also a lot of tracks I didn't feel like putting on the mix (i.e. 'passin me by'). I tried to go with lesser known tracks, remixes, and that sort of stuff. Big shout to Mr Mass for designing the cover, as always getting nice with the photoshop skills. Some feedback on this would be appreciated, and anyone who wants to link it up you're more than welcome. Bump this one holding hands with your girl on the way to the Olive Garden, Enjoy...


  1. yo whats the second track on this?

  2. Haha, saw you called hit you this.

    Sweet logo, remember we thought of that.

    peep my myspace logo i did.

    look me up at:

    whats your email ill email a breaks session i got from nature sounds.

  3. hell yeah, for those who who remember, we used to do a ladies tribute every year around Valentine's Day on Radio Ruckus.

    Big up Mr Mass for the design work.

  4. hell yeah, radio ruckus valentine's day editions...

    dj force