February 24, 2008

Jersey Post 7 - underground/ Jersey related

This weeks Jersey post will highlight some independent label New Jersey hip hop records

This is Scienz of Life with '2000 and what to expect' (1995). Representing from Perth Amboy, NJ, Scienz of Life were one of the first few groups put out under Bobbito's Fondle Em label. Peace to Lil Sci, DJ Knowledge, and crew.

Here is Mytee G Poetic, from Newark, with 'Com'n with nuf rufness' (1995). I don't know too much about this guy but this was a good track back in the day. The B-Side is also pretty good.

RA the Rugged Man and Sadat X are both from New York, but the producer on this next track, Dirtman, is from Linden, NJ. This is '50,000 Heads' (1997).

I was going to put up a few more Jersey tracks like Down & Dirty Tribe (which you can hear on the Tony Touch tape), and a few other things, but I'm lazy and I've seen these records posted on other blogs a bunch of times. This might be the last of the Jersey posts for now, they may make a return in the future, but hope you have enjoyed them...


  1. dat mytee g poetice....damn i havent heard dat in years. i know stretch used to play it a lot.

  2. just to let you know that I am against you dropping the Jersey posts!
    more, damn, more!!