February 21, 2008

Tony Toca

I don't usually post entire LP's or mixtapes, but since I see a lot of other blogs posting old mixtapes, I figured I'd go ahead and hit you with a few old Tony Touch tapes. As far as I know these aren't being sold anymore, they are all well over 10 years old.

Tony Touch is well known for the 50 MC power chypa mixes he did, but you may not have heard some of the 50 tapes that led to those. I had dubs of a few of them a long time ago, but these rips aren't made by me. (They were sent to my inbox courtesy of DJ Fuse in DC, big up). The sound quality is decent, and each track is marked.

Here You get tape 43, Tape 44 (featuring freestyles from the Arsonists) and tape 45 (featuring freestyles from Smif N Wessun). All three of these tapes came out in 1995. I labeled them as best as I could, anyone who wants to fill in the blanks with the unlabeled songs let me know. As usual thanks to everyone sending stuff to my e-mail

Download and leave some feedback/comments.

Tony Touch Tape #43

  1. Into
  2. Interlude
  3. BIG
  4. LL Cool J
  5. Ol Dirty
  6. Cella Dwellas
  7. Milkbone
  8. Alkaholiks
  9. Jeru
  10. Show & AG
  11. Cash Money Click
  12. Jemini The Gifted One
  13. Organized Konfusion
  14. Method Man
  15. Funkdoobiest
  16. E Bros
  17. Show & AG
  18. Finsta Bundy
  19. Nine
  20. Smif N Wessun
  21. Tragedy & Havoc
  22. Cella Dwellas
  23. Redman
  24. Bush Babies

Tony Touch Tape #44

  1. Intro
  2. Arsonists Freestyle
  3. Arsonists Freestyle
  4. Kool G Rap
  5. Big L & Lord Finesse
  6. Jeru
  7. Ol Dirty
  8. Mobb Deep
  9. Heather B
  10. Naughty By Nature
  11. King Just
  12. Mobb Deep
  13. Nine
  14. Ol Dirty
  15. Raekwon
  16. Naughty By Nature
  17. Large Professor
  18. Funkdoobiest
  19. B.U.M.S.
  20. Cypress Hill
  21. Redman
  22. Gangsta Dresta & BG Knocc Out
  23. Ol Dirty
  24. Junior Mafia
  25. Roots
  26. Down & Dirty Tribe
  27. Phat Doug
  28. DJ Pooh
  29. Alkaholiks
  30. Frankie Cutlass
Tony Touch Tape #45

  1. Into
  2. Smif N Wessun Freestyle
  3. Genious
  4. Points
  5. Rakim
  6. Lin Que
  7. Artifacts
  8. Call O Da Wild
  9. Mobb Deep
  10. Heltah Skeltah
  11. Bushwackas
  12. Cella Dwellas
  13. Interlude
  14. Masta Ace
  15. Grand Puba
  16. Naughty BY Nature
  17. UTD
  18. Arsonists Freestyle
  19. Interlude
  20. Special ED
  21. King Just
  22. Finsta Bundy
  23. Killa Priest
  24. Mic Geronimo
  25. Jaz
  26. Das Efx
  27. LOTU
  28. Concrete Click
  29. 4 iza cru

This is a Bootcamp freestyle session that was on Tony Touch's 50 MC's tape, ripped from this duck down red label 12" that came out awhile back. It's about 10 minutes long and the instrumentals switch a few times. Unfortunatey it's radio edited.


  1. #44 was my first Tony Touch experience. I was pissed that I'd never heard of him before! Good looks on this upload. If I keep procrastinating long enough I won't have to encode any of my tapes!

    Track 10 is Naughty By Nature off the Povertys Paradise album. Shame on you for not knowing that Mr NJ! (jokes)

    Track 11 is King Just from his first joint (does he have more than one?). He he saying "SEGA!" on that song? I always wondered.

    Track 22 is actually Gangsta Dresta & BG Knocc Out. I don't know if they had an album but I have the 12"

    Damn I used to know 27. That's not Council is it?

  2. Damn you got me on that, lol, I skipped through this real quick and missed that Naughty joint.

    I thought that was King Just too but wasn't sure. He had that other joint Warriors Drum or something I think?

    Good looking though just fixed the list up.

    Track 27 I'm not sure if you find out let me know would like to know myself.

  3. Good lookin' out on this shit. Love the blog. Track 27 is "Hands Up High" by Phat Doug. The B-Side to his "Here We Go" record.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. nice, just updated again, good lookin.

    I see some people sleeping on #45, don't forget about that one too!

    That's your man DJ Fuse sending these Tocas in, he made everyone's day with this one

  5. Thanks for sharing this.

    I love old mixtapes...


  6. tony toca esta loca

  7. I'm listening to 43 now. How disappointed am I to learn that the beat Big L & Jay-Z rhymed to on Stretch & Bob was a MILKBONE song.

  8. lol, that is a decent beat too, Milkbone didn't deserve that. He was definitely on some now you see me now you dont.

  9. Good looking out and thanks to DJ Fuse as well!! i haven't checked them out yet I have a few myself and I think I got a couple of these.Tony touch was my favorite mixtape DJ simply because he was consistent, didn't talk a lot, added a few cuts,and played that real underground hip hop at that time!!I could listen to tony's tapes straight through without fast forwarding!!

  10. Thanks Dirty! Keep Real Mixtapes Alive!

  11. Dope post D.W. !! Tony Toca's mixtapes are definitely one of the best (can't forget Mister Cee and Doo Wop) BBbbrrrrXX

    thx A LOT DUDE


  12. on tape 45
    number 8 : call o da wild : clouds of smoke
    number 28 : concrete click : keep it street

  13. i found track 21:King Just

    and track 29 is not fly guy guy kool kim but : 4 Iza Cru - I Know Ya Style

  14. Nice, Calhoun. thanks to everyone for helping me with those track ID's. That completes the track listing for all 3 tapes. more mixtapes coming soon

  15. are the tony touch links dead? been looking for these particular volumes for several years and was shocked to find them online. if they are dead and you are able to, a re-up would be appreciated. i have LOTS of music to share or donate to your blog if you're interested. thanks in advance.

  16. Wondering if u can plzzz re-up these. Been looking for em. Or if u can send em to me directly my email is: Thanx bro

    1. Peace all, yea re-up needed please. Cannot find these anywhere anymore :(