February 26, 2008

Shits and Giggles

I caught these little treats while record shopping on three separate occasions. These are some autographed promotional stills (and one signed record) given out at in store signings. I thought I would post them up here for shits and giggles.

I'm usually not into waiting on the long lines they have at those in-store signings; I did wait for Pete Rock to sign my 'Soul Survivor' LP when it dropped at Fat Beats (as you can see in the greenbacks post), but anything else I have signed is from meeting artists from radio or being here or there. I wasn't all that into getting autographs until I got a few records signed, now I always try and take the opportunity if it comes.

*None of the following were acquired through my attending these signings; they were all bought at record stores, conventions, and flea markets.

Pete Nice autographed this picture promoting his 'Dust to Dust' LP sometime around 1992/93. It would be nice to have Daddy Rich s autograph on here as well , but I guess he wasn't there. I like how they set them up lounging with some axes in the picture. They used to do some funny shit to market artists back in the day. I guess they still do sometimes.

This one is the Cocoa Brovas (formerly Smif N Wessun) with a promotional still from an in store signing at a place called Brooklyn Records. This was around the time of their 2nd release "Rude Awakening"

I caught this still inside of the promo only 12" for 'Spanish Harlem' featuring Tony Touch and Hurricane G, at A1 records a few years back. I had been looking for this one for a long time because of the unreleased track on here 'Drama' which wasn't featured on the 'Rude Awakening' LP.

The last one here is an autographed copy of MC Hammer's 2nd LP 'Let's get it started' from 1988. This was kind of funny because it was in the dollar bins at a record convention, still sealed. Whoever got this record signed didn't even bother to open it (I guess maybe they were keeping it sealed as an investment). The guy who sold it to me had maybe 20 crates full of 12"s and LP's all priced at a dollar. I got Bizzie Boys droppin it 12"s and Marley Marl's scratch original 12"s in the same crates, but the real gem was this here. I still haven't opened it so all you ballers out there are welcome to make an offer to buy.


  1. i remember that day @ fat beats gettin our pete rock stuff signed. i got my poster signed and framed it. that was definitely a dope day. i also remember that hammer record. we were both dying after seeing that. thanks for posting it up again. haha...

  2. ha no doubt force, I think you were there when I got that Pete Nice still in Brooklyn too. Many o good diggin trips back in the day