February 1, 2008

DJ Cash Money

DJ Cash Money is the man, the inventor of the transformer scratch (debatably along with Jazzy Jeff), and winner of the World DMC Championship in 1988. If you've seen Cash Money DJ live you know he wrecks shit and gets a crowd really hyped up. I dug up this old Stretch tape from July 20, 1995 with Cash Money doing some routines. This tape was a huge inspiration for me back in the day and has since been etched into my memory. I remember studying this tape over and over and practicing the way he cut up 
'Eric B for President.' Anyway, Enjoy this set from one of the original, legandary turntablists.


  1. Cash Money is that dude

    I got a lot of routines on tape/cd

    Respect to Jazzy Jeff and other Philly dj's that put it down in the early days

  2. word, would like to hear some of those, if you want to send them over hit me up -

  3. Would like to check them out anonymous!!! Do you have any from 87 on back?Do you have any other Philly live tapes!!!