February 21, 2008

Scream @ me

I just read this post on 4 Brothers with Beats blog, one of my personal favorite sites, and I strongly agree with everything that they said...

"We have all seen it before and I'm sure that many of you have strong opinions about it. The issue is silent downloading, also known as silent leeching."

"It's quite simple really. Bloggers work hard to post music. Whether the rip is original or was acquired from some other source, we still go through the trouble of putting together an educational post, fight computer malfunctions and crashes, fret about the quality of the rip, and struggle with the hosting sites that delete the links that it may have taken hours to put together. No, it's not brain surgery, but it is work. The contributers have lives, jobs and families outside of this blog, but we do this because we love music and we get inspired by your love of music."

"In the time that it takes to download a link, one could leave a pleasant comment."

Very true indeed. I don't really need people to write me a love letter about something you like, just a simply 'thanks', or 'good post' would be nice, or if you have an opinion of the artists (good or bad), feel free to post that as well. I certainly don't add a comment for everything I download on the internet, but if I download something that I really like, I make the effort.

Also, while I am on the subject, from time to time you will see me post something about what is going on elsewhere on other blogs, where I direct people to those sites; I would appreciate the same courtesy. I really don't mind people sharing my files in forums, or re-posting on blogs, but at least direct people to my page if you are doing this. The mixtapes that I make personally I tell people to post freely, as far as the other stuff on this site, I really prefer it remains exclusive as to draw people in to read other stuff; but, if you do post something on here elsewhere, please give my site mentions.

Basically, I'm asking the readers of this blog to kindly add feedback, comments, opinions, appreciation, etc, when you download something you like (especially if it is a mix I made personally), or just comment in any way, leave any kind of statements, participate. I allow comments from all readers, including anonymous users, and you don't have to include an e-mail or type in any word verification. Just because this isn't a forum, or you are not on the list of links on the left side of the page, it does not mean I don't want to hear from/interact with you. I really appeciate the feedback and enjoy hearing from people worldwide who like what I am doing here.

Moreso, I enjoy when people contribute to this blog, if there is something you have that you would like to see posted, or if you would like to do some trades, e-mail

Thanks to all for your support


  1. hi nes! i know what you mean, people think it's normal to get free music everyday, without saying thanks. it's always the same people who leave comments. anyway, keep up the good work! mike

  2. All fair comments in your post, I enjoy your site, downloads or not - keep up the good work.

  3. I prefer silence to insincerity.

  4. you'll get used to it
    i once tried to make people show love or appreciation
    it's all about leechin' ugly
    give up
    and do it just for the few people who support you
    like you knw without this audioblog thing
    i wouldn't get in contact with you and so on
    you re a music lover
    a true passionate
    you'll get used to it
    you'll see

  5. when i want some appreciation, i give music to friends, not strangers.

    The irony of 4 Brothers is they got like six trillion responses to that post (as if they didn't know how much people already appreciate them).

    This internet "sharing" thing is not about individuals and their egos. Personally, I'm not in this for popularity or feeling good about myself. I do it for others (and, yes, for the leeches too).

  6. This post isn't about me crying about not getting comments, it's more about asking for more participation. I should have made that a little more clear...

    ej- It's not so much about stroking my ego, I mean I would like to hear a thanks every now and again, it's more about creating a sense of community within the blogworld, having people participate, sparking discussions, debates, or just speaking their mind in general.

    Some blogs are more geared toward this with posts on world issues, or opinions on certain things that lead to discussion. This blog here is all about the music, and I would like for people to discuss the music, the artists, or anything on your mind AT ALL (if you are so inclined) Not everyone has to participate, but I would really like to see more of it. It adds a good element to your favorite sites when people interact.

    I hear what you're saying though, a lot of people just want to feel popular, or demand feedback before they post again, you won't see that happening here. Whether people comment or not, it won't change anything that I do..

    and a lot of good stuff on your site man! about to link you up

    Mass- that's the truth! Masscorporation is one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own. I wouldn't have linked up with you if it weren't for the blogs, and we have collaborated on a few posts and I consider you a friend.

    and that is kind of my point, we can all collaborate on different things, interact, or at the very least just participate in what everyone else is doing. Everyone has their blog and their readers, and it doesn't have to be so sectioned off and faceless. I've met a number of people worldwide already because of this blog, and that is a really good thing. I would like to see more of that happening.

    Mike- No doubt man, I appeciate all those who leave comments on the reg and you are one of them. and for everyone else who is just now starting to comment now, continue to do so!

    Anyway enough of my I have a dream speech..

  7. Good stuff. I hear you better now.

    No doubt, Mass has the craziest blog. I thought Robbie's blog was nuts, but Mass is actually nuts ;)

    Much respect.

  8. hi nes! that's the point, it's not about getting 100 comments. i remember back in the 90's people where discussing songs for days. nowadays nobody seems to have an opinion! that's what makes me sick. we had to travel for miles to get all the albums, because luxembourg isn't really the place where you can buy hiphop, nowadays you just download stuff and that's it. and people don't even appreciate the fact that it's easy to hear good music... mike

  9. this is one of my favorite sites I like everything you post keep doing what your doing!

  10. While i visit and download from blogs daily i almost never comment. Following are some reasons for it:

    1. I read blogs at work. I listen to the downloaded music on my way home. So even if it is really great stuff i usually dont go back to the blog to write a quick thank you note. - laziness

    2. Possibly many of your - and other hiphopblog - readers are not from the US and therefore kinda apprehensive of engaging in discussions. Especially since you americans have made quite an "art" of nonchalant chatting on the internets. Comments by mr mass for example always "stick out". And the arguments in the commentssection of no trivia for example seem to be rather thought out... - fear of embarassment?

    3. There is often not much left to be said. For example considering the Yo Raps trading cards post: What kind of comment but the obvious could be expected? "lol, Terminator never speaks!" or something similar. - nothing to add

    4. Most hiphopbloggers who also post text besides downloadlinks are into eastcoast classics. I think a lot of that stuff is old news to a majority of their readers who have been heads since the nineties. So a lot of the applicable/relevant arguments have already been exchanged ten years ago with the homies and therefore no "urgent" need to add/comment is felt. Also some bloggers react rather blunt/rude to criticism (like that guy from "when they reminisce"). At least that´s how i perceive it it might be considered casual conversation others. So if you´ve been rebutted several times... - no motivation

    Whatever the reasons are for not commenting, you can´t seriously expect thanks for work that is offered free and can be consumed anonimously. So you better go with what mr mass said and "do it just for the few people who support you". But rest assured, there are many many people that appreciate what you are doing even if they usually remain silent. I am one of them.



  11. Appreciation will never hurt. Interest is interesting. Great site!

  12. Jasper- I hear what you are saying, this post was put up mainly to just encourage more people leave comments, feedback, discuss the posts, etc, it is appeciated.

    Certain posts I do like the cards I don't really expect people to have much to say about, that one is just adding some eye candy. on posts like the one on supernat vs craig g for instance, I kind of thought maybe one other person had an opinion about that battle, who won, who is nicer, etc. and was suprised to see noone chime in with anything. I know mostly everything on the blog is outdated 90's stuff, but a lot of what i post has never heard by a lot of people. We are still into the music today, so it is still relevant. Also I have something like 1400 hits on the DJ Iroc tape and only one comment. I kinda expected a little more love on that.

    I just want to facilitate more input in any way, if anyone has any info/opinions to add about the artists (and you don't have to be an authority on the subject, I am certainly not) - anything, like his 'first album was bangin', or something like 'I saw so and so perform and it was a great show', or 'I had this tape back in the day and my boy ganked it from me, thanks for bringing it back', or 'I have something from this guy you might like I will send to you' or, or just a 'thanks for this', or anything at all would be nice.

    As you can see there are a few posts with credits given to other people for supplying the material, if not comment, e-mail me. If you have something you want to share, send it and you can get a guest post on here, I can include your links and promote your stuff as well. you want to exchange links? no problem, add a comment or e-mail. if you can't speak english well, don't worry about it, the message gets through

    I understand more feedback/ comments might not come, and if they don't I really don't mind, but I just wanted to make a post encouraging it, let it be known that I do appreciate people participating. I really have no idea how many people read this or what people like the most about the blog, so when people leave feedback about certain things, like the stretch and bobbito shows, I say this one got a good response, maybe I should post more. It lets me what people are into, but what works on the blog, and what doesnt.

    I know there isn't much reading material on here. I've been talking with some extended dirty water fam about adding different elements, a graffiti writer to add graffiti stories, pics, videos, profiles, etc, and another friend who is a into sports, so you may also see some sports/music related stuff so in the future, different elements to make it more diverse...

    I do appreciate that you took the time to give your opinion, everyone, and I agree with what you said, just want to encourage people to chime in once in awhile, or let me know what you like on here- like bbq said 'interest is interesting'

  13. Great website, great material!

    Keep up the good work