February 17, 2008

Jersey post 6 - More Jersey Stuff

Poor righteous Teachers 'Can I start this'
the first track on their debut Lp

K Def and Larry-O 'Real Live'

also here is the
featuring Ghostface,
Cappadona, Lord Tariq and Killa Sin

Jamal (featuring Redman ) 'Insane Creation'

Artifacts 'Who I am'
from the Dynamite Soul 12"

Also here is a freestyle featuring
Tame and Mad Skills
from the Stretch & Bobbito sometime in 1996...

and since I'm at it, here is another short freestyle from the
Artifacts live at the Rock Steady crew anniversary in 1993...


  1. Hey Nes,
    the K Def and Larry-O 'Real Live Sh*t Remix' doesn't seem to work, Zshare doesn't play anything.
    would you be so kind to upload it again?
    or maybe just send it by email...
    as you prefer.
    thanks a lot, this Jersey stuff kicks ass, especially the Artifacts freestyles... and I was in love with that Jamal album when I was a teenager...

  2. zshare has been acting funny lately, sometimes that happens, this one should work if not let me know...

    hell yeah that Jamal album was dope, real slept on too. I'm gonna see what other Jersey stuff I have, the Jersey posts might make a comeback soon...