December 17, 2007

Drum Crazy Contest

Announcing the DirtyWaters Drum Crazy Contest!!!

That's right folks! The Dirtywater blog is proud to present it's first ever contest. The winner of this contest will receive an exclusive downloadable Dirtywater mix CD sent to his/her e-mail. The contest will run until there is a winner, and this winner will be congratulated and given a special shout out in a Dirtywater post. The rules for the contest are as follows:

You must give a complete tracklisting for any one of the Drum Crazy videos found below. You can choose from any of the 11 Drum Crazy videos, and provide a complete track listing for that video (just one of the 11, not all). As a helpful tool, here is the link for the the-breaks website, which can answer some, but not all, of your drum sample questions.

To enter, send your answers to Please indicate which Drum Crazy video you are providing the track list for along with the complete list of records used. If noone wins this contest within a few months time, the person who comes the closest to giving a complete listing for one of the videos will win, so make sure you at least give it shot if you are a fellow crate digger. Good Luck to all and thanks for playing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12


  1. Yo, very interesting post. Good work, and ill try my best. I suggest you let more people know about this. Peace.

  2. Best site on the net!

    Why don't you just make the cd's for sale?..I'd buy them for sure.
    I dig for beats but can only name25% of the beats in those video's,if that..Peace!

  3. anon- good looking, that's the 2nd request for a Drum Crazy CD, I'm considering making one.. like I said name as many records as you can and in the end the person who comes closest gets a CD. If you can't name all of them, name as many as you can (even if only 2,3 or 4), you might just win...only 2 entries so far and neither a complete list...

  4. On the real Nes, when i get home a decide which one to disect lemme win that shelving unit!

  5. yo!nes do i have to take the test or can i just git hahaha,you got me on a couple of them homie.i got to go back in the crate my nigga.

  6. oh shit, im late but i had to say, hutcherson rain all day tight!!

  7. yo NES,

    Dope videos man, inspirin' me to get diggin'.

    I'm on the lookout for a new stylus for sampling, you got any reccomendations? Am i right in thinkin' you got some ortofon joints there?
    I wanna get something with the most accurate reproduction possible, and i'm not a dj so i don't need a DJ cart.

    Keep it crazy

  8. I have the ortofon nightclub needles i got back in the 90's. same ones all these yeas lol, i think they prob still make them. They work pretty well for sound quality and remain sturdy during scratches. I'm sure there are probably better needles available, my knowledge of records is much better than my knowledge of equipment.