October 16, 2007

Check the fine print

My computer finally got fixed so I'm back with some more treats.
This one coming from one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time,
the Artifacts.

TameOne and El da Sensei are two of Jersey's finest who worked really well off each other, and it was a shame when they split to do solo projects. Before their first LP 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' in 1994, they made a few demos that weren't released on the LP. These demos included different versions of the songs 'Flexi with da Tec' and 'Wrong Side of the Tracks', as well as a collaborative project with Brand Nubian called 'Check the Fine Print'. The jazzy beat used for the track I believe was produced by Lord Jamar, who also laid a verse on the track along with Sadat X, Tame, and El.

On the track they talk about how shady record contracts can be, as well as how a lot of hip hop acts at the time were fraud. This was one of my favorite Artifacts songs with that fast tempo old school feel, making me want to grab my foot and jump over my leg on some Kid N Play shit.

Artifacts - Check the Fine Print
(demo featuring Sadat X & Lord Jamar)

Also, here is a freestyle from the two, possibly their
last radio appearance as a group, in January 1997
on the New York Live Radio show.

Artifacts freestyle WNYU 1997


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