October 30, 2007

Bring the Noise

DJ Noize is the 1996 DMC World Champion. He is famous for cutting together words and phrases from different hip hop records to make disses. I remember there was a lot of controversy after the '96 DMC's, people were hating on Noize for winning over Roc Raida, saying that he wasn't doing much more than mixing, and that Raida was much more technical and skillful with his routines. I think it must have been hard to judge the battle that year because both of them are really talented DJ's. At that time Raida was my DJ hero and I always rooted for him to win any battle, but I'm not gonna take anything away from Noize because he did his thing also. Noize was really creative with his sets. You could tell dude put a lot of thought and time into them. Check out his 15 minute set on the CM Fam-a-lam radio show from September of 1999.

DJ Noize DMC Finals 1996

Roc Raida DMC Finals 1996

1 comment:

  1. dj noize
    is killin them with the sentences
    makin out of words.
    i've seen him live and damn he is one hell of a dj!
    even though john doe popular fallacies, put the sentence thing on another level to me.
    noize is for sure a funky technician.
    I was thinkin of doin a dj noize (finest djs) week soon

    mass X dirty
    we share the same love
    for the same hip hop
    the real one

    keep doin it dirty dirty