October 29, 2007

Tribute to a graffiti legend...

This post will be a slight departure from my usual posts, a dedication to one of the most talented graffiti artists ever to pick up a spray can, NaceOne.

Growing up in the same hometown here in New Jersey, I had the privilege of seeing Nace's art evolve from the early stages firsthand. I first met Nace through skateboarding (at which he was also very talented) in the late 80's, maybe right around the time he first started to write graffiti. He picked up graffiti quickly, and kept going with it, getting better and better every day. I had the pleasure of doing a piece with him (with my wack ass beginner/typical graffiti letters) some time around 1993. Unfortunately we never got to finish due to a police chase, but that's another story. I can definitely say that he was an inspiration to myself, and dozens of other people, to start writing. He was an inspiration to everyone he met. He was a cool, laid back, passionate dude, who had a lot of dedication to his artwork, and an insane amount of talent. Over the years he has made quite a name for himself, anyone who is anyone in the graffiti world, worldwide, recognizes his name and his work.

Unfortunately Nace passed way before his time, but his art and his memory will live on forever. I recently found out about a tribute page for Nace on myspace, and I urge everyone out there in blogland to visit this page and take a look at his amazing work. Well over 100 photos of his pieces. R.I.P. Nace, grafitti legend.