December 26, 2007

Mr Mass educating...

I just got my copy of Mr Mass' 'Education for your ears' lesson 1 last week, and it's had steady spins in the whip. For those of you who are fans of break mixes, this one is definitely a good listen. I have both of Rev Shines' 'Good News' CD's, and this mix is similar to those. The Good News series showcase a lot of samples from more recent artists; the education mix takes you a little further back to samples from Native Tongues, Bootcamp, Wu-Tang, and other classic hip hop. I liked Rev's approach to the mix, adding the drums to some of the samples to recreate the beats; also, he played a Juggaknots sample on there that had me buggin'. The Cd is bangin', from the mix, to the cover/CD design, most definitely Dirty Water recommended. Mr Mass does his thing to promote good music all over the world, definitely show some support. The link for the CD is for Eurpoean buyers, for those in the US who would like to purchase the CD contact Mr Mass through his e-mail.

1 comment:

  1. I had my copy as well. Absolutely dope.

    Anyway, keep doing ur thing.