December 9, 2007

Drum Crazy Part 11

I checked my inbox last week and I got the following message:

Hello DJ Nes -

I was goofing around online earlier today when I bumped into your DirtyWaters blog... I just wanted to say 'hi' to you. I created the Drum Crazy series for Ubiquity Records quite awhile back and was really excited to watch your video accompaniment for each of the records...

I still have quite a large collection of vinyl yummies, but have pulled back from the good old days of collecting. It's getting harder and harder to find the good stuff. Plus, vinyl really is now almost dead. I'm always amazed when guys like yourself figure out a way to keep the whole breakbeat scene fresh. I'm a big fan of break mixes/comps in general and it was really cool to check out the .mp3 mixtape on your blog.

Keep them coming...

Happy Collecting!


Michael van Olden
aka Fishguhlish
aka Molasses
aka MikeTheMusicGuy
aka Starchild Excalibur
(Every project gets a new acronym.)

For those who don't know about Fishguhlish, he is the man behind the Drum Crazy records, (drum loop records designed for DJ's and producers) from which I have borrowed the title of to use for my drum break videos. Those who want to read more about him can check these interviews. I am sure everyone who has taken up production from back in the day 'til now has heard about or owned copies of these records, so if interested to see more about the man behind them, check the interviews. I've also sent him a few of my own questions so stay tuned for a possible Dirtywaters interview. I'm glad to see that he is into the blog and the videos, peace and respect to Fishguhlish.

coming soon...THE DRUM CRAZY CONTEST!!!

Drum Crazy Part 11


  1. Hey is that the Starchild Excalibur featured on the "If It Wasn't For You" joint on Handsomeboy Modeling School? If so, what did he have to do with the track?

  2. That's a good question, I don't know, I've sent him a few interview questions but he hasn't gotten back to me yet... if he reads this maybe he can answer