November 23, 2007

Eddie 'Smeero' Hazel

Eddie Hazel's 'Games, Dames, and Guitar Thangs' is a masterpiece, co-produced by the man himself, George Clinton. You may know Eddie Hazel from his work with Parliament Funkadelic. I highly recommend this album for those into the funk. All the tracks on here are bangers, but the track I'm going to spotlight here is 'Frantic Moment'. This track is funk at its finest. In true, bugged out P-Funk fashion, Eddie Hazel played some of the guitar tracks he recorded backwards on the song. This is one of my all time favorite records. Check out Primo and Jay Dee's take on the song as well.

Gangstarr - Take two and pass

Jay Dee - Track # 23 (from beat CD #3, 2005)


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