May 2, 2014

Re-Up - New York Live WNYU 1996 (w/Lord Finesse & Onyx)

This tape is pretty crazy, came to me via Talib. Lord Finesse shows you why he's the total package in hip hop as a DJ, producer and MC. Finesse jumps on the wheels for DJ Mayhem's New York Live on 89.1, on what is most likely one of their Thursday shows. After a 45 minute DJ set, Finesse plays some unreleased beats for a freestyle. Onyx was also in the studio promoting their new material.

Lord Finesse's set
1) Sadat X - Stages and Lights (instrumental)
2) Sadat X - Hang Em High
3) Mic Geronimo - Men Vs Many (w/OC & Royal Flush)
4) Fugees - The Mask
5) Fat Joe - Firewater (w/Raekwon)
6) Royal Flush - Worldwide
7) Lord Finesse - Actual Facts (w/Sadat X, Grand Puba, Large Professor)
8) Organized Konfusion - Bring it on (Buckwild Remix)
9) Lord Finesse interview/freestyles
DJ Mayhem's set
10) Natural Elements - Shine
11) INI - Fakin Jaz (Remix w/Pete Rock)
12) Fab 5 - Laflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Part 2)
13) Tragedy - Funk Mode (w/Havoc, Large Professor)
14) Mad Skillz - The Jam
15) Kool G Rap - Fast Life (w/Nas)(Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
16) Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black on Black Crime
17) Onyx - Evil Streets (w/Method Man)
17) Onyx Interview/Freestyle


  1. Nice! I don't have that part of the show on tape but I remember it so good lookin for posting it after all these years. I've got a recording which might have been the end of that same show where Finesse was playing all breakbeats & samples. At the intro there is a part where Fredro speaks before Finesse does his thing.

  2. nice, if u have a different part send a link if u can

  3. Niiiiiiice

    Mayhem & Sunset shows are hard to find..


    William G.

  4. Woooord, good shit, Nes! You know what, I don't think I ever really saw Finesse killin it on the tables like that, unless I'm forgetting, heh. But Roc Raida still smokes everybody on that shit.
    Bout to peep this tape as soon as it finishes downloading, thanks again!!

  5. no doubt, I didn't really know about Finesse's skills on wheels until I saw this too, I think it was from one of Roc Raida's videos.

  6. You find any more futureflavas shows that you never posted? Marley marls son has all of them and has a facebook page future flavas.

  7. The last post was from TALIB....I haven't heard this show in a minute what's good son

  8. what up Talib been a minute, Marley's son has every future flavas episode? damn, is he sharing them on that facebook? I might have one or two i didn't share, but I have to go back and check which ones I already posted. You find any more WNYU?

  9. Na I haven't....marleys son said he is going to.