February 15, 2014

MF Doom on Stretch & Bobbito 4-24-1997

Update: Peace to Chris and Squires for helping me ID the date on this one, April 24, 1997. MF Doom guests with Megalon and has Stretch throw on some old school G Rap instrumentals to flow over. Some weird pauses in the middle of this tape, but a great krunchtime session towards the end..


Stretch & Bobbito April 24, 1997 (w/MF Doom)

1) MF Doom Gas Draws
2) Mic Break w/MF Doom
3) MF Doom, Megalon, Lord Sear Freestyle
4) Beatnuts - Here's A Drink
5) Cru - Bubblin'
6) Godfather Don - Seeds of Hate
7) Krunchtime


  1. can you explain the krunchtime session? was it just a part of the show where people called up to get dissed?

  2. yeah, pretty much when the phone lines were open it was 'krunchtime'

  3. Guess that's where Doom got the idea to chop the G Rap drums from...

  4. What a GEM! MF on da mic LIVE on the airwaves. This is what I miss about today's radio jibberish. Can anyone...ANYONE ID that "mic break" instrumental, doe?

  5. Steet Smartz - Problemz

  6. Its crunch time me this was my favorite era of the show. Fuckin classic records. You need proper hiphop supervision for this shit