September 14, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 6-15-1996

Here's a Future Flavors show, with Pete Rock & Marley Marl on Father's Day, 1996. Ed Lover was in the studio. This one is courtesy of DJ Emskee from the Underground Railroad, so definitely big shouts.

1) Common Sense Sprite Commercial
2) 25 To Life - La, La (Marley Marl Remix)
3) Mic Break
4) Pete Rock & Large Professor - In The World
5) Busta Rhymes - Ill Vibe (w/Q-Tip)
6) Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lockdown
7) Cella Dwellas - Advance to Boardwalk
8) Mad Skillz - The Jam
9) Mic Break/Pete Rock Freestyle
10) Ed Lover Freestyle
11) Real Live - Turnaround
12) Lost Boyz - The Yearn
13) Busta Rhymes - Still Shinin
14) De La Soul - Big Brother Beat (w/Mos Def)
15) Killa Kids - 96 Phenom
16) Mr Voodoo - Shine (w/Natural Elements)


  1. i appreciate this man!!
    im definetly tryin to beef up my future flavors collection!!
    thanks a ton!

  2. That's my tape bro-ski!

  3. I used the picture of one of your tapes, but the actual download link is a FF show Emskee sent over. I do have some of your FF shows that will be posted soon too, though... lay some treats on emmm!!! lol