March 17, 2014

Gee & Jay

Caught this obscure 12" in the collection I picked up recently. This is the one and only record from the group  Gee & Jay called 'X-Rated Lyn' on M.O.B. Records, which according to the Freddy Fresh Rap Records was distributed by B-Boy Records. I love the lo-fi demo quality, the old school sex rap, the randomness. The dude drops one long verse about how he meets some chick, hits its, forgets to pull out, kicks her older brother in the nuts and then bounces. Seems like everyone was killing Grace Jones' 'My Jamaican Guy' in 1988 (2 Much, Kid N Play), way before LL used it for 'Doin it.' The B-Side on this 12" isn't that bad either.

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