March 18, 2014

45 King/ Lord Sear styles

Most heads know The 45 King's 'Lost Breakbeats' series had some real treats for DJ's. With sites like Discogs I'm able to go back and check out the ones I missed out on, and it seems like there were at least 10-12 of them. The 'beige album' was one that came out around 1996, and uncharacteristically had some MC's on it, including Mark himself (usually the one side had hip hop beats and the other side had house beats). This song 'Tell me How You Like It' Stretch used to run a lot in early 1996 and until recently I never knew where it was released (shout to Serch4beatz). I've also uploaded a few other 45 king beats from the lost breakbeats albums, and Lord Sear getting busy on the Beige album.

Here's Lord Sear getting busy with styles on the beige album. This was clipped from Stretch & Bobbito's 3-28-1996 show. Lord Sear shows you his sensitive styles, technical styles, and thug styles.

Peace to The 45 King, good to see he's doing OK. Always been a fan of his work, and not just because he's from Jersey, but because he's legendary in the game. Check out his youtube page for some of his DJ videos, and his 'Making The Beat' interviews.


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