May 21, 2014

Re-Up: Future Flavors 1996

Another treat from DJ Emskee...

Future Flavors circa 1996 with
Marley Marl and Pete Rock.

1) Busta Rhymes - Flipmode Squad meets Def Squad
2) JB's -Same Beat/ talking
3) Busta Rhymes - It's a Party (w/Zhane)
4) Deda Baby Pa -
5) Derelict Camp - Hold On
6) Real Live - Real Live S**t (remix)
7) Roots - Clones
8) Organized Konfusion - Bring it On (Buckwild Remix)
9) Nas - On the Real (remix?)
10) De La Soul - The Bizness (w/Common Sense)
11) De La Soul - Big Brother Beat (w/Mos Def)
12) Ini - Props
13) CNN - La, La (Marley Marl Remix)


  1. *Dope!....Thankz

  2. Thank's NES!

    It's always good to get some more FUTURE FLAVAS shows.

    Just need some more old UNDERGROUND RAILROAD shows.


  3. I'm dumb late on this, but do you know which vers. of the Busta joint (It's a Party) this is/where it's from? Iller than the album vers. IMO and I can't find it for nothin'