July 15, 2008

Tribute to Jimi

It's surprising how much material
he released for the amount of time he was recording, Jimi Hendrix was indeed prolific as well as insanely talented, taking his music to different places, playing around with all musical genres, blues, funk, rock. You've probably heard how great Jimi Hendrix is, but the guy was seriously such a creative genious. I remember reading a biography of Jimi Hendrix, I forget the title and author, but Early in his career he played back up guitar for a touring Isley Brothers, Little Richard and King Curtis. Anyway, I have pretty good knowledge of his catalouge, and today I'm gonna hit you with some slept on Hendrix..

This is one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs, 'Red House', the Electric Church version from the Jimi Hendrix 'Blues' album...

You cats that dig out there might know about Hendrix's 'Little Miss Lover', a song with a nice 2 bar open drum intro that was used on ATCQ's 'Scenario'. Check this live studio version (from the BBC Sessions CD1). This version has a few extra kicks added to the drum intro and a different feel from LP version...

This is a rare jam session recording of
Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Stevie Wonder on drums! sick...

And finally we have 'Got to have it', a Jimi Hendrix song you may recognize sampled on a few tracks. One of his lesser known albums made in Germany, a bootleg recording from one of his live performances, pre-experience days. There's no linear notes or date on this one so there's no telling exactly what year it was made.

Peep Jimi rockin the 12 string
acoustic for 'Hear my Train a Comin'

Check out this rare audio (30 minutes) from an interview conducted in 1970

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  1. Sick post, that jam session is cool to listen to and the live version of lil miss lover is getting sampled for a break.