July 14, 2008

Can we get a witness?

Those of you who live in the Chicago area are some lucky bastards this week. My boy S-One just sent me the link to this Pitchfork Music Festival and I am really frustrated I won't be able to attend. If I had an extra $600 I would most definitely fly out to Chicago just to see this show...

Public Enemy will be performing their classic LP 'It takes a nation of millions to hold us back' in its entirety on Friday, July 18th. What? Are u serious? The whole album front to back? For some reason this is only being done for this festival, this is not a worldwide tour. You would think they would take this kind of thing to New York, at least Strong Island (where they got em whylin'). Not only this but the day before the performance Harry Allen and the Bomb Squad will lead 'an in-depth discussion of PE's seminal 1988 LP and how the Squad created the record's world of sound'. Check the link above for more details. Someone out there please attend and record this thing, although I'm sure they will probably make a DVD out of the event, they better.


  1. Last time I saw Public Enemy it was in 1995 in Italy. Damn I wish I could go to this event...

  2. Your lucky to have seen them, I still haven't gotten a chance to see them live, this would be a dream show.