July 22, 2008


(updated with second part)- Got to say peace again to JC @ The Meaning of Dope for hosting some of my video stuff and putting together a really bangin site. This is another one I just sent over, one of my most cherished VHS tapes, an interview with Redman from 1995 when his Darkside LP came out. He talks with Fab 5 about linking up with Erick Sermon and getting his start all the way to creating the LP, and how he felt about the funk sound at the time. The interview is pretty in depth and this is just the first half, stay tuned for part 2. Also check this post for an unreleased Redman track that didn't make it to the Darkside LP, and this post for some freestyles with Meth...

I think about the vaults of footage that MTV must have, with all this classic material just laying around collecting dust, and it really is a shame. They need to make this stuff available online to watch, or even for sale.

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  1. I've got 16 raps of Yo! MTV Raps, but I think enough people would buy these seasons. They are BANGIN'.