July 26, 2008

Nes' garage sale treats

Again my girl comes through with the vinyl spots! This time she put me up on a local garage record sale advertising thousands of records and tons of 45's. I always considered garage sales the best place to shop for records. Something like this has limited promotion in comparisson to a record convention, which means there won't be people statewide coming to attend; and usually garage sales are where you can get the best prices, $5 for a crate, shit like that. You may not find the best records, but what you do find usually won't be much. Some of my best scores have been from garage sales, including some heavies.

I've kind of slowed down on the collecting tip lately, I own around 3-4000 LP's and 12"s, and there is not much that I'm dying to get in my collection aside from a few fillers. Whenever I go collecting nowadays I might find one or two things I don't have, but for the most part all I find is records I already own priced less than what I bought them for, which is a little aggrivating. My advice for all you collectors out there is to never go to a store looking for a record, buy what's there, priced the best. If you collect long enough most of the records you look for will find their way to you. See that, not only do you get good music on DW, but you also get some helpful tips. Right, anyway, let me share with you my find...

I got to the spot and there wasn't exactly 1,000s of records, maybe a couple of hundred, but there were a couple of good finds. I bought a few records for real cheap (25 cents each), mostly 2nd copies of stuff, but I did find this Tyrone Davis record I didn't have. I bought it off the strength of his 'In the Mood LP' which I really liked, plus my boy Mass just hit me up asking if I had stuff from him. It's a little roughed up but I'd say a good deal for a quarter. This track here, 'I had it all the time' I know I've heard somewhere (maybe a Soulman mix?), I don't know if it's been sampled or what but it's a nice little soul treat with a short drum intro. Shout out to Vinyl Dog Mike who I saw at the garage sale, still looking like Robert Blake from Lost Highway, ha ha, nah that's my dude, peace Mike...

While I'm geeking out on the record tip, I want to mention a movie I saw just recently called Vinyl, a documentary film that explores the world of record collecting. It's not exactly a Deep Crates, it's more a study of the nature and mind state of avid record collectors. There are some truly anti-social, never been laid characters featured in the film that make it really amusing. Beware all you record nerds, don't get too deep into those crates. Here's a clip from the movie with a dude who's goal is to collect ever record ever made...


  1. ha ha ha this dude is the shit!he goes far beyond nerd, hes almost phycotic about his vinyl, check his eyes when he says there is only 4 bands that start with the letter Q. when the other guys says the name of a group you can see he aint happy that hes missed one. lmao

  2. you gotta see some of the other characters in this film too, hilarious. You can find rapidshare links here..

  3. That's classic. Almost like a Monty Python sketch...