July 30, 2008

Stretch & Bobbito 1994

Here's an unlabeled Stretch & Bobbito tape from sometime in July, 1994, the same night Mobb Deep was up there freestyling. I could have sworn this tape was from 1995, but the label on the freestyle frenzy dates this Mobb Deep appearance in 94. If this is 1994, it's pretty crazy how far in advance Stretch got some of these records. This tape got stuck in my boy S-One's jeep for nearly a month when I first dubbed it, and when we finally got it out there was a couple of cuts in the mix which you'll hear on the rip. I think the tape might have even popped and I had to splice it back together. I had my technique down when it came to repairing tapes back in the day. Anyway I ripped the Mobb Deep freestyles separately from the mix because I took them off of the Freestyle Frenzy record which has much better sound quality, even though there is more to the freestyles than what's on the record. There's one pause in the mix but other than that it's an uninterrupted 30 minutes. The Lord Digga tracks is one of my all time favorites.

Stretch & Bobbito - July 1994

1) Black Smif N Wessun - Headz ain't ready
2) D & D All Stars - 1,2 Pass it
3) King Tee & The Alkaholiks
4) Lord Digga - Can u Feel it
5) Grand Puba - I like it
6) Alkaholiks & Diamond D - Next Level (E Swift Remix)
7) Roots - Silent Treatment (Beatminerz Remix)

Mobb Deep Freestyles


  1. Yup! This was the only thing I could listen to (besides radio) in my old Jeep for what felt like forever. That tape was my nightmare for awhile back in 95. I don't really need to listen to it now, it's still stuck in my head. Could have been worse though, at least it was a good mix!

  2. '95...damn we got old. i remember that tape stuck in s-ones jeep for what seemed like an entire summer. we had some of those tracks bump'n before they were on the radio, before they were in stores, thanks to DJ NES & 89 tech 9

    NES put up the Theme Song mang..