July 3, 2008


Remember Nine? He was signed to profile and put out the LP 'Nine Lives' in 1995 with the 12's 'Whutcha Want' and 'Lying King'. This takes me back to rolling around in Sidekicks with funkmaster flex cutting 'whutcha want' to death, that was a pretty big record that year. Here he is interviewed and asked about the origins of his name and why his voice is so rugged. I don't remember his follow up LP although I see he has one in 1996. This is another one from my old VHS tapes I sent over to JC @ Meaning of Dope...


  1. god, i remember this one , i still probably have the vhs...good memories...talking about nine and funkmaster flex you should check dueces wild "five times the rhymer\dueces is def" on sutra records which is a collabo from 88 between the two and chuck chillout on production:very dope record (i think they have some other records but don't know much about them)

  2. Funny thing is redrum was my best shot but talking about the second LP It was called Cloud Nine with a memorable track called John Doe that I liked!!!Both Dope albums he had another album come out that wasn't so hot!!!

  3. I gotta check that LP probably got some pretty good stuff on it