June 20, 2008

Selections from Martini & Jopparelli

Next up we have the inspiration for this guest post extravanza, Martini & Jopparelli, straight from Italy. They come consistent with good material and share the same taste in musical selections, a little bit of everything; and being that I'm part Italian, you know I got mad love for my peoples overseas. They blessed me an exclusive mix, sample, and some kind words, enjoy...

This comes straight from Italy to USA, crossing the Atlantic ocean and stopping alongside the New Jersey coast. Yes…right there, where the Water gets really Dirty. All this kilometres/miles to deliver nuff respect to one of the best bloggers out there. If you are regular of this page, you know perfectly well what I am talking about! To cut it short: we are really proud to participate to your 1 year anniversary celebration with something made by us in an exclusive way for your blog birthday.

That’s it from M&J, now let IlMago introduce his work, we hope you will like it. Check also his One Love remix. (Sorry for this subliminal advertise)

This is a little tribute to one of my favourite mcs, member of one of my favourite rap duo. It's a pleasure to be hosted on your blog, I really dig your work.

To be honest it's my first experiment with what I think can be defined as 'trill music', but I tried not to sound too much crunk ;-).

The main sample for this beat is from Roy Hamilton "Crackin' Up Over You", but the tune also contains some drum breaks from Tyrone Davis 'It's All In The Game'.

The guy screaming 'Magic Johnson' is the all time number one Basketball commentator : Dan Peterson. He is also one of the greatest coaches ever, here in Italy. He taught Mike D'Antoni how to play, so if the Knicks will get some rings in the next years... you know who's responsible.

Thanx for the hospitality Mr. Nes... keep on digging!

-IlMago aka Magic Johnson

Listen to Pimp C Tribute – International Playa RMX by IlMago

Listen to Roy Hamilton – Crackin’ Up Over You

Thanks to Marty, Jopparelli, & Illmago for the guest post
be sure to check their site
Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections


  1. Hi Nes,

    it seems the link to the IlMago remix is not the correct one.

    ....anyway, I didn't know you have italian origins, amico! :-)



  2. sorry about that just fixed..had mixed up with one love link

  3. dan peterson rules!!!! i remember when he used to comment the wwf in italy in the 80'...(or was it 90's?)..shit was hilarious...
    anyway happy blog birthday nes!!!

  4. no doubt any time u guys have a mix send it through