June 10, 2008

Eric's treats from the castle

The next guest post comes from my fellow dirt brethren Eric over at Dirtcastle. He's been doing his thing since September and has accumulated quite a healthy stash of mixes, hours and hours of great music. He was nice enough to accept my invite to guest post, and I even got him to do a little writing for me to go along with the mix he sent over (which is a little outside his MO). Some bloggers opt not to give their opinions and criticisms along with the music they share, and I can respect this. When it comes down to it most of the 'bloggers' I see aren't qualified to throw their two cents in (including myself, hopefully the writing I present is free from pretension and containing some useful info, I am in no way an authority on any subject), and at the end of the day, most visitors go directly for the downloads anyway. The Dirtcastle is designed specifically for you fans of good music who need it now, which is all of us...

All praises due to the original dirty blogger, DJ Nes! May he live long... and decay even longer.

Before returning to our irregularly scheduled programming... Is it me? Or is my Google reader becoming a compost pile of abandoned, rotting, and decaying blogs? Long live the new dirt!

I thought I might post a long-winded rant about the ethics of music sharing. Zzz. But I recently came to the conclusion that ethics need not be invoked. The government and record labels didn't use ethics to justify commodification (they used political power). And we need not use ethics to justify its de-commodification (we use technological power). The dirty shall inherit the earth!

OK... obligatory music talk.... People often ask me... Why no track listings on your blog? Why no boring, self-important blathering? Why no history, context, or background on the music you post?.... Well, well, well... all of a sudden ignorance has gone out of style! The answer to these questions is no. I am in decay mode. And that's word to dirty digits and lazy leechers. And please don't tell your friends about my blog. That is, unless they are a trusted friend... a real DIRTY trusted friend.

DJ Jedi - Blowout Breaks

Thanks to Eric for his entry
despite his request not to tell you,
I must insist that you
check out his site


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