June 24, 2008


I just saw this video of Shaq cracking on Kobe during some
freestyle he was doing, pretty funny. Apparently he's losing his
special deputy's badge in Maricopa County because of language he used.
Maybe it was when he asked the crowd to join in with him repeating
'Kobe how does my ass taste?' Shaq really rubs the loss in...

What's up with ball players trying to make music and put out records? Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Jerry Stackhouse, Ron Artest, Tony Parker, etc., have all made attempts at music careers. We may have different feelings about this, but who from the NBA (or any sport) can/could really handle theirs on the mic? anyone?

One sports figure I give credit to for their music is Shaquille O'Neil. While he's not the greatest lyrically, imo, the guy had the right idea with the collaborations he's gotten into. 'What's up Doc' with the Fu-Schnickens was a nice little party joint in 1993, but what really surprised me was the quality of some of the cuts from his 'You can't stop the reign' LP from 1996. I caught a sampler from the LP back in the day and I really have to give him his props..

'The Game of Death' was probably one of my favorite joints of 1996. Borrowing it's name from Bruce Lee's final movie, the song features an appearance from Rakim, and production from Easy Moe Bee.

'No Love Lost' is a cut featuring verses from Lord Tariq and Jay-Z, with production from the Trackmasters. When I first heard the song I didn't realize Shaq was the one rhyming at the end.

One or two more guest posts still on the way...


  1. Nobody likes to talk about the fact that Shaq brought Rakim back.

    That song with Mobb Deep on that 2nd album was dope too

  2. You argue the point in the other direction. Rappers who can ball. I.e. Killa Cam, and Mase. Both played at the Garden in HS, and Cam played at Dyckman and Rucker. Both in their time could hold it down.

  3. i was actually going to mention that in the write up (bringing Rakim back) but I wasnt certain. I know he kinda disappeared in early/mid 90's after like 'heat it up' in 1992/93, i know he had some unreleased studio session in 95 and i think a spot on that panthers soundtrack, but aside from that shaq did get him back out there.

  4. I loved You can't stop the reighn with Biggie, and yes you are right that album was by far the best and for that alone he wears the crown for NBA players. Tell me it wasn't banging, then you are saying Clue was wack who damn near dedicated an entire tape (The Source)by having I believe 3 tracks from that album on there, back in like 96 I still have that tape somewhere!!!

  5. I was gonna throw up the joint with Biggie but I'm not too big on the beat, here it is...

    I always gave Clue his props I don't know whos hatin on him..

  6. Nah Dirty I was just making emphasis, that if it wasn't hot then Clue wouldn't have played it especially back in 96 when Clue was blazing the circuit with mad exclusives!!And I liked the rhythmn and the lyrical flow of both Shaq and Biggie on that track they rode the groove well!!!

  7. How can you leave out Chris Wwebber aka C-Webb?

    I always liked the Shaq joint with Method Man, i forget the name.. the one where shaq says "change my name prince, niggas be tremblin/my name ain't shaw no more, call me superman emblem"

  8. Peace Jay Smooth! much respect to you. You know, I had a feeling I was missing someone when I put that player list together and there it is, forgot about CW. I never heard that BIG/Meth track but sounds dope. Shaq is all about that Superman emblem.