June 3, 2008

Dom's Essentials for your ears...

I've asked all my favorite bloggers to guest post this month for the one year Dirty Waters celebration, so I had to ask Dom over at The Essential Elements if he would get involved. He has been running one of my favorite blogs for nearly a year now with consistent outstanding material; turntablist mixes, old school radio shows, the Breakonomics series, and lots and lots of treats. I especially enjoy hearing some turntablism, watching the videos and hearing the mixes, and Dom definitely knows the deal, son. He was nice enough to submit some exclusive material for the extravaganza! Enjoy...

First of all, gotta say thanks to DJ Nes for coming up with the idea for doing a guest post on his blog. He will also be returning the favor on my blog in the near future so stay tuned for that. I know he'll come up with something that heads will be interested in. Hopefully this is something we can build on and do again down the road.

This is a pretty obscure mixtape featuring freestyle sets from both emcees and DJs. The content comes from a radio station in Oxford, UK that has undergone a number of changes since these segments were recorded. Check the article from my man DJ David RB to shed some light on the strangeness of the events that led to the demise of the station in its original form. Oxygen 107.9 FM, now Fusion 107.9 FM was a student run station and on Friday nights they had a show called "The Boombox". You can see by the artist names below and also by the number of radio promos featured on the tape that this show was pretty important stuff. It's a nice piece of hip-hop history and one that a lot of people might not remember or have never even heard about before. As far as the content goes, I do like the freestyle sets by the emcees but Rob Swift and also Tony Vegas and Mr. Thing (Scratch Perverts) deliver classic turntablism sets. Fans of Rob Swift will probably recognize the routine on here. The run time on the tape is about 105 minutes and is split in to Side A and Side B. Grab it and enjoy!!!

Side A
Intro - Bennie G + DJ Go - May 99
Company Flow - Nov 97
Tony Vegas + Mr. Thing - Feb 97
Mud Family + Bury Cru - April 97
Grazzhoppa - Nov 98

Side B
Rodney P, Supa T, Profound, Apollo, Braintax + DJ MK - June 98
Mista Sinista - Jan 98
All Natural - Jan 99
Rob Swift - Jan 98
DJ MK - May 98

Thanks to Dom for his entry
be sure to check out his site
The Essential Elements...


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